Process Of Changing Liteblue USPS Password | Liteblue USPS Password Reset

Reset Liteblue USPS Password: Wondering how to change LiteBlue USPS password? Well, it should not be difficult at all, especially since we have this complete guide for you. As you may already know, USPS is the biggest postal service in the United States of America.

It reaches out to every corner of the country. This government organization currently employs more than half a million employees across America. With such a huge workforce, it employee management becomes extremely critical.

USPS uses many tools for this purpose and one of them is LiteBlue USPS. It is a website from where employees can access a wide range of information pertaining to their association with USPS.

Changing Liteblue USPS Password - know how to Change Liteblue USPS Password

LiteBlue is the place where the employee gets access to paystub, schedule, benefits, and more. The employee needs to log in with the username and password. It is important for every employee to have the hassle free access to the portal.

But, sometimes, we may forget the LiteBlue USPS password resulting in an inability to access the portal. But, don’t worry. We will take you through the easy process of changing the password so that you can regain access to your employment details. Just keep reading!


How to change your LiteBlue USPS Password?

If you are new to USPS, you will be provided with a temporary password to gain access to the portal. You will receive this password either in the email or in the regular mail (post). Once you have the temporary password, you can log in to the LiteBlue website.

The first time, you will need to change the password immediately after entering the temporary one. This is a security measure to keep your account safe.

Once you have the new password, you can enter it on the LiteBlue website and access your personal information. If for any reason, you forget or lose your password, you can reset it easily. Here is the method that you need to follow.

Here is what you need to do to easily change your password:

  1. 1.Visit the website
  2. 2.On the login page, you will be able to see the section to enter the Employee ID and USPS Password. Just under that, click on the link “Forget Your Password?”
  3. 3.You will be redirected to the password reset page where you need to start by verifying your Employee Identification Number (EIN) or simply Employee ID.
  4. 4.Click on “Verify Employee ID” after entering EIN
  5. 5.Now all you need to do is follow the onscreen instructions to change the password

If you do not know your EIN or Employee ID you can look it up on your paystub or be earning statement. It is mentioned on the top.

LiteBlue is a self-service portal. However, the password for this portal cannot be used for Self Service IVR. For IVR you will need the Personal Identification Number (PIN) issued by USPS.

Note: If you are a USPS user and not an employee, you can reset your password at Here, you will need to provide your Username and not the employee ID.