USPS Retirement Application | How To Access USPS Retirement Application

USPS Retirement Application: As we all know, USPS is the largest postal service of the United States. Across the country, USPS employs nearly 600 thousand employees. This is a huge employee base. With so many individuals employed, having an effective employee management system becomes imperative. 

Thanks to the LiteBlue USPS portal, the employees are now able to access the self-service applications easily. This is the place where the employees are able to see lots of information related to their employment including the pay stub, schedule, benefits, and more. LiteBlue is also the place where the employees can view the retirement plans. Also, check out the process of doing USPS change of address using liteblue.

USPS Retirement Application

USPS has come up with some retirement schemes for its employees. To make things easier, the company has come up with the eRetire service.

eRetire is simply an online service that allows the employees to view the available options for retirement plan and make the choice as per their needs and desires.

The employees can make the decision after accessing eRetier service using the LiteBlue portal. Currently, there are two retirement forms for the following USPS employees:

  1. 1.USPS employees who are within 5 years to become eligible for retirement
  2. 2.USPS employees who are already qualified (have retired already) or are within 6 months of the eligibility

Types of USPS Retirement Application

How To Access ERetire Application? USPS Retirement Application Form :

This part is easy. As aforementioned, you need to visit the LiteBlue website. Here are the steps:

  1. 1.Visit the website
  2. 2.Here you need to log in with your Employee ID and USPS Password. You can look up for the Employee ID on your paystub on the top. If you don’t know your password or have forgotten it, click on “Forget Your Password?” link on the same page
  3. 3.Locate and click on MyHR tab on the top
  4. 4.On the bottom of MyHR page, click on the “Employees App” button
  5. 5.You will see the list of the available apps to you. From the list, click the “eRetire” app

Once you are in the eRetire section, you will be able to see the retirement plans available to you. Please note that you must be the full-time employee of USPS to be able to see the annuity estimates. If you are a part-time employee (also called Postal Inspector), you will need to manually calculate the annuity estimate. You may also get in touch with your HR team to get the details.

After viewing the available retirement plans, the employees can decide which one they want to pick. Please note that the eligible employees will have to wait for the retirement in order to avail the benefits of the plan. But, the application form must be filled in advance for the plan to be effective at the right time after retirement. While the eRetire form is available online, employees can also request it to be sent via postal mail.

The employees can also request a counseling session in order to have more clarity on the retirement plans. This will help them make a better choice. Thanks to the LiteBlue website, everything is possible.